For Delegation to Work, It Has to Come with Coaching

Post by MatthewSabina

May 19th, 2016

Senior leaders want to believe that delegating a task is as easy as flipping a switch. Simply provide clear instructions and you are instantly relieved of responsibility, giving you more time in your schedule.

That’s the dream. In reality, we all know it almost never works that way. You’re often forced to step in at the last minute to save a botched deliverable. And because you jumped in to save the day, employees don’t have the opportunity to learn. They aren’t left to grapple with the consequences of their actions, and therefore are deprived of the chance to discover creative…

Stop Conflict At Work Now With The Power Of Story

Post by MatthewSabina

March 9th, 2016

Not getting along with a colleague at work? You’re not alone. From petty politics, to underhanded power moves, to shirking teammates, the office environment seems like a Petri dish designed to breed conflict. And conflict comes at a high cost: for employees, that cost is wasted time and unhappiness; for organizations, workplace conflicts cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

A study of 5,000 employees in Europe and the Americas found co-workers spend an average of 2.1 hours a week engaged in conflict. This squabbling amounts to $359 billion in lost productivity per year in the U.S. alone.

So what can you…

Rethink Courageous Leadership: 12 Inspirational Quotes From Martin Luther King Jr. And Others

Post by Sabina Nawaz

January 23rd, 2016

As we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day today, the Twitterverse is alive with references to the man and his legacy. For me, King is synonymous with courage. Which got me to thinking: yes, it takes courage to inspire others, but we often misunderstand the kind of courage it takes to lead. The courage to lead does not just involve a bold, public-facing bravery, but also a quieter, more introspective kind of courage.

With King in particular, we may think of his seminal moment addressing a crowd of 250,000 people from the Lincoln Memorial on…

9 Tips To Land A Great Mentor: How To Ask A Stranger For Career Advice

Post by Sabina Nawaz

November 13th, 2015

When I arrived in the U.S. from India to attend college, I was excited and motivated, but also a bit lonely and overwhelmed. Alia, a distant cousin who lived nearby, often invited me to her house for holidays and provided bits of advice—from tips on how to get along with my roommate, to how to dress for my first internship. Without even asking her, Alia was my first mentor.

Most people aren’t so lucky to stumble upon a great mentor. Instead we have to find people we respect and ask for their guidance. However, asking for help from a stranger…

More Women In The Boardroom? It’s An Intense Workout, Not A Light Jog

Post by Sabina Nawaz

September 6th, 2015


By now, we all know having more women in the boardroom is good for business. Research conducted by Roy Adler, professor of marketing at Pepperdine University, demonstrates that corporations with a strong track record of promoting female executives consistently beat their competition across 18 different measures of profitability. Research also shows that including more women on corporate boards boosts innovation and social responsibility.

Yet, at the present rate of change, it will take 28 years to achieve gender parity in the corporate boardroom, according to executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles. What is holding women back from…

Difficult Coworker? One Quick Way To Turn The Relationship Around

Post by Sabina Nawaz

February 25th, 2015

Do you fight at work? Fist fights are rare but toe-to-toe yelling matches, stonewalling, passive resistance

and backbiting are all too common in the workplace. Do you think that if so-and-so weren’t so stubborn or political, your job would be much easier?

If so, you aren’t alone. Nearly one-third of executives and employees argue with a co-worker at least once a month, according to a survey of 1,000 workers by Fierce Inc., a Seattle leadership development and training company specializing in workplace communication. Work warfare, even in the form of passive resistance, wastes energy, lowers morale and reduces productivity. You…


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